Asset Management

Asset Management

CRIC Securities Co., Ltd. was awarded Type 4 and 9 license by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong , and can be engaged in securities consulting and asset management business. We engage in securities brokerage, securities underwriting, securities investment consulting and asset management business. In asset management, we mainly provide full investment management and unit trust fund management services. Emphasizing our flexible and diversified investment approach, we provide personalized investment risk management services for customers who need to achieve asset security, stable income and capital appreciation.


Our professionals have experienced a complete financial cycle and have extensive experience in dealing with challenges. In terms of domestic asset allocation, we are deeply engaged in the asset management of real estate financing, paying attention to and exploring real estate in real time, covering dynamic opportunities in residential, office and retail businesses. Through careful analysis and comparison of many products on the market, as well as flexible financial transaction structure design capabilities, we will build cross-regional and multi-level portfolio investments to select and recommend the most appropriate and profitable investment targets for our clients. We based on this as a foundation to commit ourselves to attain the steady growth of investment income. Our team can effectively connect with local institutions and private assets through their connection in the Chinese real estate industry, and maintain close contact with many prestigious international financial institutions, including investment banks, fund houses and insurance companies. In terms of overseas asset allocation, our offshore asset management scale initially reached RMB 6.6 billion.


In asset management, when we are authorized by our customers, we will manage the relevant investment portfolio according to the client's investment objectives, and provide customers with a progress report on the portfolio on a regular basis.


Investment Strategies
1.Counterparty evaluation and selection
Mainly in close cooperation with Top 100 real estate companies and property management with high quality product research and development, continuous innovation and quality operation in the real estate industry.
2. Investment target screening and identification
For potential investment objectives, we conduct rigorous financial, legal and market due diligence and analysis to validate all types of information and identify quality projects.
3. Flexibility and innovation in the trading structure
Our cross-departmental professional team has different industrial and technical background. The construction of the transaction structure will be based on project status, asset quality and potential hidden costs, contingent liabilities and opportunities for in-depth quantitative analysis and structural adjustment and design.


Product description
With the changing era of real estate in mainland China, incremental sales have gradually entered the era of idle and existing resources. Our dynamic grasp of the market, real-time attention and in-depth analysis of policy controls led our asset management platform to launch four product lines that are suitable for all types of investors' risk and return preferences:

Land development structured financing
The structured financing of land development stratifies the beneficiary rights according to the different risk preferences of investors, and distributes the income according to the priority and inferior arrangement in the tiered configuration, so that investors with different risk bearing ability and willingness can invest in different levels. The right to benefit to obtain different income and bear the corresponding risk of the collective fund business.

Join hands with outstanding developers to gather historical properties renovation projects in domestic and overseas first- and second-tier cities. Through unique product design and blending with the surrounding environment, the value of the property will change. After the completion of the project, the fund achieved multiple channels of exit.
Non-performing asset fund
The non-performing asset ratio of real estate properties is at a peak, and the investment cost of non-performing assets is at a low point. Especially under the control of multiple rounds of real estate, many developers and investors have broken the capital chain, which is the external cause of non-performing assets, and also makes the investment cost lower and revitalization easier. The non-performing asset fund will focus on making new investments in non-performing assets in China's real estate sector.

Three major real estate index funds
On the basis of passive investment, relying on analysis and quantitative indicators, the selection of quality standards for internal housing forms a unique investment strategy. By changing the market value weighting of the index, the quota of the index on certain specific companies is increased, and then the excess returns are obtained.