CRIC Securities Research Division

CRIC SECURITIES COMPANY LIMITED has been granted a Type4 License by the SFC to engage in advising on securities.

The research team focuses on real-estate stocks and take advantages of its competitive strength from the depth, coverage and effectiveness of the research.



Based on the leading CRIC big data, through the cooperation with different subsidiaries of E-House, such as CRIC Research, China Research Association, China Housing Research Association, Leju News, we are committed to the comprehensive research in various fields of the real estate industry and the in-depth exploration of enterprise-specific topics, which reflects the real value of the enterprise.



Our research team are composed of several core research team leaders who specialize in real-estate industry. It covers from SME, A-Shares, Hong Kong Shares to property management listed companies.



We leverage on first-hand market data to establish a standardized and efficient investment and research process.  This would enable us to track the slight changes in the market in real time, and provide the investment advice for real-time risk management.


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